Bad, bad Leroy Brown

24 Apr

When I was a child my Father was the general manager of a Quality Farm and Fleet. It was a tractor supply store before Tractor Supply came to our area. I can remember my Mom bringing me around to visit my Dad during “Chick Days” at the store and oohing and ahhing bover the ducklings and chicks. I remember asking (begging) for just one or two of those little fluff balls. The fact that a chicken in town wasn’t an option meant absolutely nothing to me. I just knew I was born to have poultry.

It took nearly 30 years but I’m now the proud owner of four chickens as well as four ducks with more on the way. I’ve planned, saved, and even made an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my feathery friends. My goal is to be the best steward I can be for hthe animals in my care. So, when Dear One got a message about a litle duckling in need I didn’t hesitate to take the little guy in.

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Guess who’s back? Back again!

5 Mar

Well it’s been along time since I updated my two followers on what’s been happening around these parts. It hasn’t been for lack of want. Life has (happily) gotten in the way. On Doodle’s first birthday we discovered we were expecting baby #2. It’s been a wild ride ever since. Little Penelope Rose was born December 24th at 4:09pm after an EXTREMELY fast labor. For the sake of the blog from here on out I shall call her Penny Lane as I heart the Beatles something fierce and Dear One wouldn’t allow me to name her that.

Everyone seems to think I should be terrified of having two children aged two and under. It’s not so bad. Even at his most trying Doodle is still a great little man to be around and Penny Lane has slipped see lesson into our lives like she’s always been here. I really do love being a mother. I’ve often wondered what my true calling in life was and I believe raising my children is that. Maybe I’m a little “old fashioned” in my thinking but I have yet to find anything more fulfilling than my children.

I recently returned to work after my rejuvenating 9 week maternity leave. Hospital nursing… Well it’s still hospital nursing with all the good and bad mixed in. It’s not where I want to be forever but it’ll do for now. I may elaborate on it more someday or than again I may not. We shall see.

Seeds have been started for the garden with more to come on that in future posts. I’ve recently started refreshing myself on sewing and hope to someday be able to make my little girl frilly dresses and both children some wicked Halloween costumes. As always, Dear One and I are cooking up a storm. Our emphasis in the kitchen as of late has been Asian inspired. Seems we can’t make anything hot enough. The bottle of sirracha has been getting a real workout. As before, we’re still continuing on a journey to find a more self sufficient life but it is slow going. Again, more on out journey in future posts.

Now, let’s see if I can keep up with this blog the way I should have been.

And just because an artsy little pic of sweet Penny Lane’s nom worthy hands!


Baby It’s Cold Outside.

17 Feb

20130217-084506.jpgI remember the snow storms of my childhood. See, I spent the first 26 years of my life in Michigan before uprooting myself and transplanting to the Tar Heel state. I remember epic snow storms and snow days from school. It may have taken a lot for the district to call it but when it did it was oh so worth it.

The weather man said we were in for a bit of the white stuff today, 1-4 inches. By Northerner standards really nothing to blink an eye at. I tend to forget that Southern folks (and those who’ve been out of the North to long) see 1-4 inches as a snowpocalypse of sorts. I wondered yesterday why Aldis was so bustling. The egg and milk racks were looking pretty bare and I had to brave the freezer to find some more hidden a few racks back. Apparently, I had missed the part of the forecast that had said doomsday was upon us and food stockpiling should begin immediately. Continue reading

Sweet Potatoe Chorizo Hash

15 Feb


Raleigh, NC has an amazing farmers market! We try to eat local and support family farms to the best of our ability (and budget). Though Raleigh is about an hours drive we try to get there at least once a month and do our part by stocking our fridge and freezer with some of the amazing goodies the venders bring.

Mae Farm has one of my favorite stalls. The sell compassionately raised meats, specializing in pastured pork but also in beef as well. Happy animals are healthy animals and I truly believe the health benefits of humanely raised animals gets passed along to those of us who eat them. I try to keep at least a couple lbs of Mae Farm ground beef in the freezer for burgers, meatballs, and what have you. I also will snatch up their chorizo or other specially sausages when they’re available. I literally get giddy when they tell me they have chorizo in. It really is some of the best I’ve tasted.

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Emeals, gluten, paleo contemplations and a few quick recipes

12 Feb

I don’t claim to be gluten intolerant but I’ve seen the reactions of people that are. I’ve seen the epic meltdowns my friend’s daughter has when she ingests some. I’m still on the fence about whether I think a gluten free diet is a healthier option for those who don’t show any signs of Celiacs disease or intolerance. The wheat used to make pretty much everything, more often than not, is not ‘clean’. It’s a super engineered GMO organism created by big Agro-chemical companies to make MONEY, not health. It’s doused in pesticides before being harvested and processed so heavily that even its own mother wouldn’t recognize it.

Is that what’s caused so many health problems for so many individuals or is it the make-up of the grain itself? I could play devils advocate both way I suppose but I neither have the time nor the energy to type all the research out. I have an 11 month old you know. Continue reading

Where’s my cuddles?

15 Nov

I’ve mentioned before that Doodle is not your average baby (is any baby average?). He’s challenging. He’s taken every notion I had about motherhood and child rearing and tossed them out the window with a gleeful laugh.

We’ve found that a lot of the aspects of attachment parenting compliment lil Dood’s personality. Out of need to survive (and get more than an hour of sleep) we’ve employed multiple techniques into our daily lives. For nearly the first 8 months of his life, Doodle was within touching distance of one of us if not being held. For the first three months it seemed that if he was not being held upright or attached to the breast he was miserable and by default we were miserable with him. He did not want to be held on his back unless he was nursing.

In retrospect, I wish I would have taken more time to appreciate his little frame snuggled up against me as he nursed. As he’s gotten older he’s become more independent and happy to explore, pulling himself around in a crawl that looks as if he’s constantly ducking under barbed wire. When he gets tired he’s ready to be right back in my arms. He wants to be held. He adamantly screeches to be lifted up. If you’re the one to scoop him up DO NOT mistake this to mean he wants to love and/or be loved on. You are merely a tower from which he can look down or, maybe, a ladder that he can dig his tiny toes into to move up in the world. Either way it can be both over whelming and, at times, immensely disappointing.

I listened to a friend vent recently. She loves cuddling with her daughter at bedtime but there’s a point at which she’s ready for it to end. I was jealous listening to her. What it must be like to have a child that shows you out right affection? I don’t get sleepy time snuggles. The only time he’s ever rested his head on my shoulder was when he took a nose dive off the couch (that’s a whole other story) and he believed he was dying. Even than as soon as he felt that wrong had been righted he was on his way again. The only time he’s ever fallen asleep in my arms was nursing and that was months ago. Maybe I’m being whiney. Maybe I watch to much tv but I’d love just for one minute to have a baby that will let me snuggle and cuddle him. Maybe the next one?

What am I supposed to be

5 Nov

In high school everyone seemed to have these great visions for their futures. I didn’t need to ask my friends about their plans because they were all but shouting them from the roof tops. Of the four girls that were close in high school three of us became nurses. Two of them saw it as their calling. Neither of those two happened to be me. I fell into nursing as a back up. Yeah, I’ve always been the motherly, caring type and, sure, the thought of taking care of people like good ole Flo Nightingale looked cool but it was the other things nursing offered that really had me. Nurses make money.

Now, do I think I get paid adequately for what I do? Hell no! I come home physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained. I’ve been called horrible names, spit on, hit, and broken down by patients and family members. I have been able to support myself as a single woman and now as Mother and one half of a couple. Some days I have a patient that just reaffirms everything that I know to be good about my profession but those patients seem so few and far between these days. I feel like the only thing keeping me from running away screaming is the money. I know there are a lot of people out there who’d tell me to “suck it up buttercup” but I feel like I need more than a job I’m growing to hate.

Where do I go from here? I look into my crystal ball and I’ve got nothing. I’m 28 and I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I want a change but to what? As a child I couldn’t tell you what I saw myself doing and I still can’t.

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